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About us

Hello, welcome to Gruham Living Space…we are glad you are here

We are Rakesh and Suhasini founders of Gruham Living Space.We having been working and serving people for pretty much our entire lives.Our Family started this pg accommodation business way back in 1999 serving to ICFAI business school students coming from around the Country. That’s were we understood the food and culture of our country which is very diverse. Yes it’s true that every terrain has a distinct taste and every family or region is unique in terms of their culture. This has created an interest to learn about different cultures and food in our country.While learning we had found our pleasure in seeing them happy to be with us after coming out of their homes for their respective education or jobs. From that moment we have decided to start a space which will make them feel like Home. At Gruham we believe to give you best possible stay and quality food which will make you happy and you should feel like coming back to us even after going back home. We have created a space like wherever you come from you can arrive with just your suitcase and settle in right away. It didn’t happen overnight as it took time and lot of research and hard work to understand every individual comming from different states and to create a home away from home was indeed a best thing happened in our lives. We would like to keep things simple which probably you have already figured it out.
Thanks again for taking your time to know about us – Rakesh & Suhasini

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