Gruham Living Space

Food Menu

After a tiring day from work you deserve a plate of good food to go back to bed to have good sleep and you can rarely find a pg that serves North Indian food in Hyderabad. A vast country, the Indian subcontinent has up to 36 distinct cuisines. But for the sake of absolute simplicity; you can break down the food preferences into two regions: North Indian food and South Indian food. Indian recipes are so complex, requiring many different spices and lots of prep and cooking time, that Indian food is not something we can easily whip up ourselves. We have worked hard to understand the North Indian food and we can say we have finally succeeded. Gruham living Space food is specially designed for North Indians who miss their home food. We make sure we use the best quality products available and serve you the best possible dishes from North India also helping you the taste few south Indian dishes too. Please feel free to taste our food anytime and you can definitely bet on it.

Our Menu

Below are the lists of few dishes which are served in Gruham Living Space.

Chole Batura
Rajma chawal
Paneer Butter masala
Dal Fry
Mushroom Tawa pulao
Kala channa curry
Gobi tomato mutter
Gulab jamun
Pineapple kesari
Dal Makni
Bread pakora
Mutter pulao
Dal kitchidi
Dhaal bhati
Kadi pakora
Lobia masala
Methi mutter malai
Dhum Aloo
Poori Bhaji
Jeera rice dal tadka
Vegetable Biryani
Malai Paneer
Aloo Parota
Bendi Do pyaza
Jeera Aloo
Kadai paneer
Bindi masala
Bread halwa
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